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Per Steinar Dyb Ringstad


Per Steinar Dyb Ringstad is a partner in SGB. He has extensive experience in Norwegian and international corporate and personal taxation, company law, generational change, estate administration law, accounting, debt negotiations, board work and contract law. He lectures at the Faculty of Law and has written a number of articles in tax law, and he has studied for 1 year at the Norwegian Tax Administration School. 


  • Skatteetatskolen, saksbehandlerlinjen (1998-1999)

  • Cand.jur., University of Bergen, specialized in tax law (1997)


  • LYNX Advokatfirma DA, partner (2007-2017)

  • Advokatfirma Grenland, lawyer (2004-2006)

  • KPMG Law Advokatfirma DA, lawyer (2000-2004)

  • Nedre Romerike likningskontor, consultant (1997-2000)

Memberships/elected offices: 

  • Den norske Advokatforening

  • Ringstad holds several board positions in Norwegian companies 

Lawyer and partner

Telephone: +47 992 76 510 


Ringstad  is associated with our professional fields within: 

Tax and VAT 

Corporate law and m&a 

Download contact card:

Per Steinar Dyb Ringstad
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