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Participation in working life and the workplace is important for everyone. Companies and enterprises are built on the competence and skills of employees, and there the job; the working relationship, is central to the employees. For companies and businesses, employees are often the most valuable resource. Therefore, personnel issues and employment law are important for employers and employees. You must be aware of what is needed for the workplace to function as well as possible. This applies at all stages, from employment until the employment relationship ends, and with everything that arises from opportunities and challenges in ongoing employment.
At the same time, technological development involves new forms of attachment, where traditional permanent employment is replaced by looser obligations, and which also provides increased flexibility in working life. Many businesses need rapid restructuring as a result of liberalisation, competition from the "sharing economy", online trading and automation.
We assist with, among other things:
  • Design and assessment of employment agreements
  • Reorganization and downsizing
  • Temporary employment and hiring
  • "Outsourcing" and contracting activities
  • Salary, bonus and incentives
  • Termination/dismissal
  • Equality and non-discrimination
  • Business transfers
  • Leave and redundancies
  • The employer and employee concept
  • Notification and notification routines
  • Negotiations and dispute resolution​
Meet the people in the department for employment:
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