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By distribution we mean legal assistance related to the purchase and sale of goods and services from the producer stage, through the individual sales stages to the end user. We assist a number of players with the preparation of various agreements such as franchise agreements, (sole) dealer agreements, agency agreements and license agreements, production agreements, sales and delivery conditions, etc. We also advise on the choice of distribution form and on the organization of the business. Furthermore, we advise on competition law topics in the field of distribution, as well as on intellectual property law, choice of law issues, purchases, consumer purchases, marketing legislation, etc. Our lawyers offer full-fledged and highly competent advice in the field, and also assist in disputes. Our lawyers also have the commercial understanding that this field requires. We assist both Norwegian and foreign actors.

Our lawyers have considerable experience in the field, both in retail, the restaurant industry and the service sector. Several have also garnered national and international recognition for their work in the field. Henrik Renner Fredriksen and Endre Storløkken are highly ranked in the commodity trading category in Finansavisen's annual lawyer survey. Endre Storløkken and Karl Anders Grønland are highlighted in Who's Who Legal as national experts in franchising. Fredriksen and Storløkken have or will in the near future publish books on agency law and franchising.
Distribution is distinctly international, and thus we also place significant emphasis on international experience and an international network. Fredriksen, Storløkken and Grønland are members of the International Distribution Institute (IDI), and the latter has been designated as a national expert in franchising. Storløkken is also a member of Euro Franchise Lawyers (EFL) as the only Norwegian lawyer, while Fredriksen is a member of the international network Legalmondo. International expertise and networks are absolutely essential to being able to provide our clients with full-fledged assistance.

Through participation in FranchiseArkitekt, SGB is part of a larger environment that offers the best expertise in franchising, for example when it comes to financing, recruitment and preparation of franchise concepts.

Meet the people in the distribution department:
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