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real estate and construction contracts.

Our property lawyers are among the country's most experienced in their specialist fields. The expertise covers a number of areas, including:
  • property transactions
  • disputes after the purchase/sale of a second-hand property 
  • disputes after the construction of new houses and buildings 
  • disputes after tradesman services 
  • planning and building matters 
  • development agreements with public authorities and entrepreneurs 
  • regulatory affairs 
  • follow-up of and conflicts in contract matters 
  • forced sale
  • land title disputes
  • disputes in housing associations and condominiums 
We assist Norwegian and international insurance companies, claim settlement companies, private individuals, housing associations, condominiums, public authorities, brokers and valuers.
Our lawyers also hold regular courses for our customers and partners.
As a result of the fact that we assist all actors within the property segment, we will always have to act objectively. This means that you can be confident that you will receive good, well-considered and well-thought-out advice from our lawyers.
Meet the people in our real estate and construction contracts department:
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