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tax and succession planning.

The lawyers in our tax and succession planning department assist ministries, municipalities, Norwegian and foreign companies and individuals and voluntary organizations in matters relating to tax, value added tax, accounting law, assessment administration law, tax collection and succession planning.
Our advice includes, among other things: 
  • VAT questions/solution of VAT problems
  • Complaints or disputes regarding the determination of tax or value added tax, and book audits or inquiries from the tax authority or the police regarding tax and value added tax
  • Preparation of tax returns for individuals, businesses, AS, ANS, DA, KS, cooperatives, foundations, associations etc., and all aspects of tax compliance and tax and VAT administration for Norwegian and foreign companies
  • Mergers, fissions, acquisitions, conversions and other reorganisations, planning and implementation
  • Stationing of foreign workers in Norway and stationing of Norwegian workers abroad, labor hire and mandatory reporting, employee remuneration and incentive schemes, as well as artists' tax
  • Procedure in tax and value added tax cases and financial criminal cases before the courts
  • Tax treatment of intangible assets, such as ICT contracts, sales of software abroad, taxation of international franchises, etc.
  • Taxation of real estate and development projects etc
  • Complaints about tax collection or the calculation of taxes, interest, etc., and debt negotiations regarding the collection of taxes and fees, etc.
  • Due diligence regarding the purchase of companies regarding tax, value added tax, accounting etc. and special investigations in advance of book audits
​Meet the people in our department for tax and succession planning:
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