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Ketil Krohn Venås


Ketil Krohn Venås is a partner in SGB. He has extensive experience in areas of law relating to the disposal of real estate, transfer of ownership insurance, residential construction, tradesman services, construction, condominium and housing association law and estate agents' liability.


He also has extensive experience with negotiations and mediation in these areas.


In addition to providing general advice, Ketil Krohn Venås also has extensive procedural experience.


Ketil Krohn Venås regularly holds courses and lectures on property law topics, i.a. for NITO, Norwegian Electrotechnical Association, Norwegian Real Estate Academy and Norwegian Valuation. He is also associated with the University of Stavanger. 


  • Cand.jur., University of Oslo (2001)

Work experience:

  • Dæhli Bull & Co advokatfirma (2013-2018)

  • NCL AS (2002-2013)

  • OBOS (2001-2002)

Memberships/elected offices: 

  • Den norske Advokatforening

Lawyer and partner

Telephone: +47 975 80 072 


Venås is associated with our professional fields within:

Real estate and construction contracts 

Dispute resolution and litigation 

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Ketil Krohn Venås
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