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Ole Per Solum


Ole Per Solum's largest field of work is within property matters and individual employment law. He has broad experience from buying and selling property as well as assistance and dispute resolution related to real estate.



Solum also has a framework agreement with the Oslo District Court to assist in forced sales of real estate. 


  • Cand.jur., University of Oslo (1984)

Work experience:

  • Lawyer in Ræder DA from 1990, partner from 1994-2014

  • Advokatene Borge og Borge ANS, 1986-1990

  • Assuranceforeningen SKULD, 1984-1986

Memberships/elected offices:

  • Den Norske Advokatforening

  • Head of Reklamasjonsnemnda for Bilutleie 2002-2014

  • Budiness manager for residential and commercial properties 

  • Solum holds several board positions 

Lawyer and partner

Telephone: +47 900 88 391 


Solum is associated with our professional fields within:


Real estate and construction contracts 

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Ole Per Solum
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